Getting started

Hello! Thanks for visiting.

This is the first post on the site, so let me just lay out who I am, and what I’m trying to do here.

Wood is good.

I love wood. I’m always impressed by the vast array of problems it can solve and with such unbelievable versatility. It’s both practical and beautiful. From cheap fix-ups, to elegant luxury pieces, to mechanical marvels; wood can almost anything.

The nature of wood and the craft of woodworking are endless wells of learning. The relationship between strength and grain direction, the various joints and purposes for using them for structural integrity or beauty, how to deal with the movement of the wood, etc. There’s always a new lesson hiding below the surface, ready to be dug out by the next mistake.

But the tools…

While I like making things with wood, let me tell you, sometimes I feel even more enamored with obtaining and making tools. At this stage, I feel like I’ve completed more tool-making projects than actual pieces!

Who the heck am I?

Growing up, my father was always working on wood. I enjoyed seeing his tools and hearing details now and again about what a tool is for, or why a certain process is done. His workshop is nicely fleshed out and he has created many high-quality items that have remained in my house for decades.

But I didn’t really get into woodworking myself, until just a couple years ago. I picked up some tools to take greater control over the space we have in our apartment, and have a nicer quality-of-life. Next thing I knew, I found myself accumulating piles of wood, tools and books.

What’s this all about?

So to cut to the point, I’m a beginner still. In my hunger for knowledge and skills I’ve watched many YouTube videos and came across this idea:

When you begin learning woodworking, start by making 100 boxes.

~ YouTube woodworkers

The act of making 100 simple boxes will help you learn fundamental skills that you’ll use for every project going forward.

On my journey to 100 boxes, I plan to capture some mistakes, tips, and insights that future beginners can benefit from.

I want to gather and share insight on Japanese tools and wood.

I’d like to foster some sort of trade or exchange of Japanese tools, Western tools, wood supplies, and skills and knowledge.

If you have any tips, corrections, additions, questions, etc. regarding any of the content on the site, please shoot me an email at: adrien (at)






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